Anea Protein was founded with the goal of creating a healthy, limited-ingredient protein powder that suits the lifestyles of health conscious individuals. As active people ourselves, we were tired of thick, clumpy whey and plant based protein drinks that left us feeling bloated and full, and needed a protein powder alternative that wasn’t filled with a laundry list of ingredients.

With the mighty egg being such a nutritional power house, we decided to use this natural wonder as our go-to ingredient for our protein powder. Eggs not only top the list in many categories regarding protein quality, but their texture allows for a light, fluffy base on which to make a modest, non-overpowering protein shake, which is a perfect solution for those looking to get quick, high-quality protein in their diet, without the negative side effects of other protein powder alternatives.

But we didn’t stop there... We didn’t want to be just like every other protein powder company that you see in your local grocery store or on social media, which is why we came up with “Feed the Need.” For every order that we sell, Anea Protein donates a single serving of our protein to help fight food insecurity. At the end of the day, it’s more than just selling the best protein on the market, it’s about making a difference and giving back to our community.

We are passionate about nutrition and believe that protein powders should be an asset and something that you look forward to in your diet, not a liability or chore to drink. For health enthusiasts, gym-goers, or busy bodies in need of more enjoyable nutrition, look no further than Anea Protein!

Spreading the Word

With how little people know about egg white protein powder, we wanted to take matters into our own hands and spread the word on how delicious, nutritious and game-changing egg whites can be for your diet.

Limited Ingredients

We take seriously what we put into our bodies and we are sure you do too. When formulating Anea Protein, we wanted to completely cut back on ingredients, while still maintaining a good, clean taste that you can enjoy. With that said, our protein has only 5-6 total ingredients depending on the flavor of your choice.

Clean Flavor

After months of trial and comparing our protein to alternative products, we crafted a blend of flavors that even exceeded our expectations, all with the help of a few simple ingredients. We wanted to create a clean, light flavored protein product that didn't overpower your taste buds with richness, but something tasty enough to enjoy on its own or with your liquid of choice. If you ask us, we think we hit those benchmarks right on the nose. You have to try it to believe us!

The Anea Experience

We are devoted to giving you a seamless customer experience and are dedicated to being more than just another protein company. Whether through our customer service, rewards, shipping punctuality, packaging, or our execution on nutrition, we want to be there for you every step of the way along your journey with us.

Feed the Need

For every bag of Anea Protein that is purchased, we donate a single serve packet of Anea Protein to help serve those in need. We have partnered with various food banks and homeless shelters to help achieve this goal and offer out much needed nutrition to those who need it the most.

Fuel For An Active Lifestyle

Nutrition, whether you are active or not, can be the best foundation for a healthy life. Sometimes we don't have access or time for a full, nutritious meal, which often leads to a quick snack to help supplement our normal nutrition. Anea's protein content, mixed with a complete Essential Amino Acid profile, may just be your new favorite fuel that gets you through an active, daily routine.