Ever wonder what the process looks like to create your favorite protein supplement? Well, we're sure that you're curious, so here it is...

Step 01

Our eggs are sent to a processing facility which
breaks the egg shells open and separates the yolk from the whites. The shells are sent off and the remaining liquid is used by Anea and other great egg products. This is a common operation in the egg industry known as
"breaking” and “separating." In businesses other than egg white protein powder, the newly broken liquid eggs are repurposed for other industries like baking, food manufacturing and desserts. In our case, we solely use the egg whites for our production of protein powder.

Step 02

Once the egg whites are separated, they are spray dried into a powder and sent to a production facility that uses a process called Agglomeration in which a very small amount of sunflower lecithin is added to the egg white protein powder to become more soluble and improve how they mix in fluids.

Step 03

From here, we send the egg white protein powder to a blending facility where monkfruit, cane sugar and natural flavors are added to complete our Anea Protein signature flavors. Blending, and packaging all happen in the same facility.